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Toyota Coaster

The very popular Toyota Coaster and Nissan Civilian


Features and Inclusions

Toyota Coaster Conversions

The Toyota coaster has long been used as a base vehicle for motorhome fitouts.

The Coaster can be fitted out with everything one needs, including a full size shower and toilet. These motorhomes are designed to be self sufficient for extended periods.

Toyota has a head height of around 1.9m inside, flat floor from its mid mount door to rear of the bus as the motor is up the front of the bus. The back of the bus also has a hatch that allows you access from outside already built into the bus.

Usually Toyota Coasters can be driven on a car licence if it is under 4.5 tons fully loaded which is often the case.

If you are looking to purchase a Toyota Coaster, seek out a japanese model if possible. These are turbo charged and are a much better vehicle to their Australian counter parts.

Why not check out a Hino RB145 if you are looking for a similar sized vehicle.

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